Explore with us

Let us guide you to a journey to discover our territory. We at Santa Caterina know all the best spots and the ways to get to know Valdichiana and its surroundings. Our knowledge is at your service.

2 days to discover the towns of Valdichiana

Rise up early: the tour of the most suggestive towns of Valdichiana is starting.

Discover the amazing panorama of Castelmuzio, be seduced by Trequanda and its flavors (especially the oil), get to know the ancient tradition of Petroio’s coccio, with its museum and theater.

Enchanting, little known and just charming spots that will turn your holiday in an unforgettable experience

A day for the Tuscan flavors
Cinta Senese, olive oil and Pecorino

Any land represents the compromise between Man and Nature. Valdichina, our home, and its surroundings have always been a source of riches for everyone who respects the rhythm of seasons and the natural balances.

Through the centuries, our olive oil has taken to symbolize this bond, together with the wine from our hills and the Pecorino cheese. Come and taste these delicacies: you will be guided by our experts towards the discovery of the real flavors of Tuscany.

And don’t forget the Cinta Senese: a rediscovered treasure that our farmers are preserving.

A secret gastronomic tour

Culture is many things. For us, our cuisine is a vital part of History and Tradition. Ancient dishes, seasoned by the experiences of everyone who came before us and made Valdichiana great: take for example the pici all’aglione, a perfect narration of how Men, farmers, took the best from Nature and made it even better.

And tastier. We cannot forget the pici alle briciole, derived from a recycling mindset so typical of Italian cuisine. Or the “nana” sauce, in which a secondary flavor as is duck is transformed into a platter worthy of the finest palates.

You should also taste the “liar sauce”, born from the brilliance of those who always had little means but a lot of inventiveness, even in the kitchen.

Tips for a warm and cold relaxation

Get to Bagni San Filippo, south of Chianciano, or go north towards Rapolano Terme: you will discover two places who turned therapy and thermal treatments into a lifestyle. Immerse yourself into their warm water, and find yourself floating towards both mental and physical health, in a quest for your inner balance.

If, instead, you seek a different experience, but one that is still intense and rich in sensations, go to Santa Fiora, the Town of Water: be regenerated and purified by its cold and mineral springs.