Sit at a table in our restaurant, relax

Have a seat at our restaurant’s tables, relax for a while and take a short, tasty break from your vacation: this is the reign of our cook Fabio and his recipes.

His creative and genuine dishes are born from years of choices and discoveries carried out by Fabio with love and dedication.

Our menu is the collection of all the best that we can offer, and we select the best suppliers to guarantee the traceability and genuineness of our ingredients, our flours, our vegetables and our meats. Through innovation and, at the same time, conservation of what was passed down to us, we want to share with you a new flavor every day.

All’s well that starts well

We know all too well how much our guests love our breakfasts: it happens that they delay their departures, spending a quiet morning sitting down with a coffee and some sweets, or a cappuccino and our homemade cookies – enjoying a quiet awakening and preparing themselves for a long day of exploration.

If you’re wondering what’s our secret, we can give you some clues: muffins with apples and raisins, shortcut pastry, milk bread rolls to go with our Tuscan prosciutto or the finocchiona… but we don’t want to reveal too much: come visit us and have a taste!

Bon appetit!

To travel is to discover ancient, enchanted towns and relaxing pleasures such as spring baths, but also flavors and aromas. It can be hard to take breaks from your vacation, so here’s our advice: don’t rush at lunchtime; instead, slow down and come taste the dishes prepared by Fabio.

Take a break with the flavors of our Tuscany, our land: pici all’aglione, spelt pappardelle, saffron ravioli, platters with Tuscan cold cuts and pecorino from Pienza – possibly accompanied by Fabio’s focaccia.

Sit back, rest and enjoy.

Stop by for dinner, too

If you want to truly experience Tuscan flavors, dinnertime is the best time of the day: a time to rest and recover energy while being surrounded by aromas and good company.

Give in to temptations with Fabio’s cooking: enjoy the bean or mushroom soups, the capocollo di Cinta senese with rosemary, the tagliata di Chianina with an accent of extra-virgin olive oil – and naturally a good glass of Montepulciano wine to finish the meal.

Don’t forget – before leaving, enjoy some Cantucci and Vinsanto!

Eating together is better.

And if you wish to try your hand with the secrets of our cook Fabio, here’s some of his recipes, complete with secret family tips!