In our just refurbished restaurant, you will find new furniture and a new naming.
Here you go “La Magnolia” Restaurant!
The new environment is ideal to enhance Chef Fabio’s creativity, always ready to delight palates with its cuisine for true gourmets.

Come and discover what Fabio prepares every day.

For example Breakfast?

All our guests love our breakfast … can you imagine why?
They seat even half an hour between a coffee and a muffin or between a cappuccino and “Desert Rose”, something is holding them there!
It’s called … “Il Buongiorno si vede dal mattino” (You can see from the start of the day how it will turn out)

Any clues? Apple and raisin muffins… Desert Rose… Biscuits… Milk rolls stuffed with Tuscan ham or finocchiona … and much more. Come and taste!

Qualche indizio? Muffin con mele e uvetta… Rose del deserto… Biscottini di frolla… Panini al latte magari imbottiti con prosciutto toscano o finocchiona… e tanto altro ancora. Vieni e assaggia!


Maybe Lunch?

If you are discovering the charming nearby villages, or perhaps relaxing in the warm waters of our spas, do not escape the time of the lunch, Fabio’s dishes are tasty, light and always fresh!

Still curious? Fine … Pici all’aglione (Exactly, this is not just garlic!)… Spelt pappardelle… Saffron ravioli… a cutting board full of Tuscan salami and pecorino cheese from Pienza … or perhaps a starter with Fabio’s focaccia! Sit and savour!

Possibly Dinner!

Sure! This is the time of day to fully experience the flavours and fragrances to be enjoyed in company.

So let Fabio’s dinner proposals tempt you. Do not miss his legumes or porcini mushrooms soups… Cinta Senese Capocollo with rosemary … Chianina with Extra Virgin Olive Oil … and of course a glass of good red Montepulciano wine! And finally do not forget… Cantucci and Vin Santo!

Do you think this is not possible?

Here you are Chef recipes … Try them yourself!


This section is dedicated to all good food lovers who want to try my recipes. If you liked them I’d appreciate a comment, a greeting, a suggestion also on our
Facebook page.

Pici all’aglione
Pici all’ Aglione, the most typical first main course of our territory

Cook a couple of slices of Aglione in extra vergin olive oil, for 6-7 minutes. Take off them and add tomato sauce; cook for 30 minutes.
Finally add salt, pepper, chili as you like, and fresh basil leaves. In another pan cook “pici” in salty water for about 15 minutes. Cooking time can vary since pici can be freshly hand made. Then drain pici and add to the tomato sauce

Fagioli all’uccelletto
Side dish par excellence in Tuscany.

Put the beans in water, totally covered, overnight.
Drain the beans and put in a pan with cold water. Cook for 30 minutes. Finally add salt. In another pan, cook a couple of slices of garlic in extra vergin olive oil, add sage and after cooking 1 minutes, add the cooked beans and cook for 5 minutes at maximum fire. Add tomato sauce, adjust salt and cook gently other 15 minutes. Serve with freshly grinded pepper.

I Cantucci di Fabio
an ancient recipe that Fabio kept during the time and handed down from three generations

Beat the eggs with sugar. Add flour, starch, baking yeast and almonds. Knead properly and create loafs helping yourself with hands. Put on a baking tray and bake 8-10 minutes at 180°C. Let the loafs cool down and cut the biscuits with a knife, obliquely of 1 cm of thickness. Put back the cantucci on the tray and bake other 15 minutes at 150°C.