Do you want to know us better?
Two brothers, two passions.
Hospitality and gourmet cuisine

We grew up in our family hotel and over the time we build up our vocations:
authentic hospitality for guests and gourmet cuisine.

In this way, we take care of family passions and we offer them to our guests.

Andrea & Fabio

Fabio’s passion…
One day I wondered if I could be the one to write once again in Mom’s secret recipes book. I tried and I liked it! I studied cooking and now I am the chef. However, this is not the end… I try, elaborate and experience, in order to write new recipes. In addiction I like to teach someone else the secrets from Mom’s book.

And Andrea’s one…
The meeting with the hotel starts, when I was a child, with the coffee machine, the old “San Marco”. I was just helping preparing the coffees for guests, but there I learned the attitude for entertaining, listening, chatting and talking… in this way my spontaneity in interacting with guests, in welcoming and advising them, and making them feel good in my house, was born.

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